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5 reasons why investing on Satoshi’s Angels Flipstarter is a game changer : btc

First of all I’m not associated with SA in any ways but I worked with them (as the meetup organizer of Kuala Lumpur) and I’m familiar with the extent of work they do. I’m also not receiving any amount from their campaign and I only talk about it because I believe their work is very important. Having said so, I like to mention five reasons why their campaign is a game changer for BCH:

  • Reach to new markets: Satoshi’s Angel’s have members with a wide range of reach to West, Eastern Asia and China. They recently started content producing for Chinese language in many Chinese only platforms. They also host live streams like “Big Boys, Big Blocks” which is viewed internationally with thousands of viewers (mostly investors). Tokyo Bitcoin Cash meetup is also one of the most successful crypto meetups around the world.

  • Ethics: Last year due to some issues with sponsorship, many meetups were losing their account. Satoshi’s Angels worked closely with all the organizers to make sure they have a home and are running their local events. They paid me personally with BCH to cover the cost that I paid with my credit card. They were doing these things before Flipstarter was cool or any sign of financial incentives existed. They were doing it because they were committed to the vision of P2P cash.

  • Adoption and Marketcap: Yes local meetups have direct effect on market cap in my opinion. There were many times that in my personal meetup people show up with the mentality that BCH is owned by Roger Ver and is centralized coin. After giving them a through explanation that BCH is the same technology as Bitcoin and giving them a firs hand experience of how fast BCH is, they leave the event amazed. Often they ask how to buy some BCH later. These things can only happen if people see you face to face so they can trust you. Local events are very important and my event is way smaller than the scale of the ones in Tokyo or other places.

  • Credibility for the community: They were always one of the groups behind the scene for most of the BCH livestreams. No matter how much tech is important (I’m a developer) we can never ignore the fact that how we demonstrate it to the world is what makes it great. If you look at the new blockchain competitors (Polkadot, Cosmos etc) they have corporate support and can represent themselves much better than communities like us. We need people who are willing to put their face on the work and represent it.Not every crypto community has volunteer people this passionate and enthusiastic about adoption. They also have budgets in their campaign dedicated for creating BCH courses and getting media partnership to market it.

  • More merchants = more BCH pizza: If we think merchant adoption doesn’t matter, we will always be in the mercy of exchanges or KYC companies to cash out our crypto with an embarrassingly large markup. Bitcoin is made to be spent. If people can spend it, they start to look for ways to earn it. This team is working on a reward system and referral program with adoption ambassadors (currently in Tokyo and Thailand and soon Australia) to onboard merchants in a rapid pace. No other crypto community is doing things like this. It matters a lot and even if you are a bag holder, you will see the effects of it on your investment.

If you think any of this make sense or just like to try pledging for a flipstarter, give it a try. You can pledge in very small amounts as well:

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