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Brainstorming on “registering” custom and decentralized (g)TLDs : ethereum

Hey there ETH folks.

I’m just brainstorming with myself… Any thoughts on this idea? What if anyone can become a “registerer” and can register their own TLD, which in turn can be used by others to register their domains. The first thing in mind is easier addresses for ANY “cryptocurrency”, NFT or whatever it is. And everything just based on the ENS, or Unstoppable, or other. ENS for a start.

Scenario: Alice, Bob, and Charlie. Alice decides to become a registerer and register the .alice TLD, the actual domain will be something like register.alice, or registerer.alice, or nic.alice. Bob loves Alice, and so decides to register his own domain to show his love like bobloves.alice. Great!Charlie is part of the LTC community (leadership) and they decided to launch a .ltc TLD, so everyone with LTC address can have a short username. So they do that and Charlie registers a charlie.ltc.

Am I too crazy? Or this sounds like an amazing idea – every cryptocurrency and token or whatever benefits, based on the good ol’ Eth. Still didn’t deep dive on the Unstoppable and ENS, but know some basics about them and DNS.

Check the tweet image for more, please. Not trying to drive traffic or anything, I’m just using more Twitter and Notion, not that active on Reddit.

edit: Actually the TXT will also include the blockchain address, like

name: ltc
value: domain=charlie.ltc; chain=litecoin; address=LMUoim43jw...NoxA16NpMnQWXsAXpQ

name: alice
value: domain=bobloves.alice; chain=ethereum; address=0xA20C07F94A...cCe759225002

name: bob
value: domain=iamthe.bob; address=0xAC34...FeEEC312

While someone is registering a custom TLD he/she/it defines on what blockchain is based, defaulting to the Ethereaum’s. Basically every blockchain will communicate with the Ethereum Public blockchain.

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