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How to Choose a Mining Pool? : ethereum

So you’re still not mining and don’t know where to start? Or you’re already mining but want more? Choose the best mining pool! We’ll tell you what to look for.

Reward System

It’s better to look at how lucky the pool is (if we are talking about PPLNS) or at the logic of the reward calculation (if it is PPS+, as that’s exactly how this “+” is calculated).

Hashrate, Uncles, Rejects

All these values ​​matter if you mine on PPLNS or PPS+, where the reward is calculated based on the block found by the pool. Each pool has its own statistics and its own reward calculation system. At CoinFly Pool, we calculate the reward according to the average daily value, thereby removing the risks associated with the pool’s success from the users.

Where the Servers Are Located

In theory, the same equipment, launched at the same time on different pools, will mine a different amount, also because the server was closer to one of the pools. Therefore, it is ideal if the servers are located on the same continent as you.

Commission Fees

It doesn’t seem bad if this value is 0. But it also happens that the pool makes such a good profit that there is enough for the 3% commission and for decent payouts to its miners.


If it’s not ETH or Ethereum Classic, then you can choose something specific. But you need to properly calculate whether you have enough power to mine that sh**coin and also be quick to sell it at a good price. As one never knows what will happen to its rate tomorrow.

Dual mining

It seems like an awesome idea: mine a few coins, collect them in both pockets. But then let’s take the pool for example. It offers dual mining with a 10% profit. We’ve been watching it for a while and here’s the thing: even the +10% calculations on its calculator were less than ours on the CoinFly pool.


The pool automatically switches your mining to a coin which is more profitable to mine at the moment. However, this is typically carried out without taking into account the specifics of the equipment, which is not good. Again, the profit of the Whalesburg pool, which offers auto-switching, is lower in comparison to CoinFly.

The place of the pool on Miningpoolstats

Sometimes you can earn more on a small pool than on such giants as Ethermine. One of the crypto bloggers made a comparison on YouTube, where for example, Ethermine distributed 5% less than a small pool.

And the bottom line: you have to try and compare. The pool that has transferred more coins to your wallet is surely the good one. And it doesn’t matter what hashrate it has or with what type of magic their admin is practicing.

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