Management Tactics: Tips for a Successful Manager


Managing people isn’t easy – you can’t be a best friend or an enemy, and you have to deal with everybody’s unique personality. As well as managing people to their best potential, you also need to report to your own managers. As you strive to get the most from your employees, you’ll often find yourself getting trapped in your own personal pitfalls – the kind that decrease your overall success as a manger. Take a look at this shortlist of some of the best things to do, and worst things not to do, as a successful manager.

Hands On is Not Micro-Managing

One of the greatest fears of any considerate manger is avoiding being a “micro-manger” – and with good reason. Micro-managers are constantly breathing down the Necks of each and every one of their employees, making them feel as though it’s nearly impossible to do a good job. On the other hand, it’s almost worse to “check out” completely as a manger, where your employees have no idea how they’re doing – or where they stand with you. It’s essential to have weekly meetings at least with people, and to include concrete feedback in these one-on-ones so your employees know how you feel about their performance. If someone doesn’t know how to make their manager feel like they’re doing a good job – the can’t be successful in the long run.

Compliments Go a Long Way

Even if you are happy with the performance of the people you manage, they may have no idea. A common pitfall of many managers is to only give negative feedback. It’s not that these types of managers want to be mean – it’s just as simple as any “maintenance” type relationship. For example, do you see your mechanic to thank him for how well your car is running? No, you simply see him when something is wrong with your car. The same for a doctor, dentist, plumber, etc. You can’t take this attitude towards someone who reports directly to you however, or they’ll assume you feel they do a bad job. Take the opportunities to let them know when something has gone right! It’s a cheap and easy way to build some honest loyalty in your employee base.

Help People Know They Have a Good Job

Feeling like you have a good job, and a promising career is about more than just salary and benefits. Besides the type of work you do, and the direct recognition you get for it – there are even more subtle factors that go into helping employees feel like they have a good job. For example, even if it isn’t extremely necessary for your office or line of work – buy your employees personalized business cards. It’s a very affordable way to say “you are important”. Particularly if you’re managing a group of young professionals who may not ever have had business cards before, it’s guaranteed to make them feel important and valued. Another tip would be to send your employees to educational opportunities in your community. You don’t have to spend all the investment of an expensive out of town trade show to show your employees you want to invest in their personal knowledge. Taking these steps will always pay off in the loyalty you’ll feel for your efforts.


There are so many things that go into being a good and successful manager in a business – these are just a few. However, if you can follows these simple tips, you just might be surprised how much your relationship with your employees improves. Take the time to consider how you’re acting toward them, even though they’re the ones who are technically supposed to impress you.

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