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Reddit’s 5-Day Scaling Challenge in 5 minutes, 40 seconds. Play to experience it for yourself! : ethereum

r/ethereum - Solana: Reddit's 5-Day Scaling Challenge in 5 minutes, 40 seconds. Play to experience it for yourself!

Reddit’s 5-day Challenge in 5 minutes on the Solana mainnet. No sharding, no Layer-2!

Hey everyone, I’m Raj Gokal from the Solana Foundation. Solana tackled the Scaling Bake-Off this week and completed the entire 5-day challenge in around 5 minutes for less than $5 USD.

Here are the benchmarks of our challenge:

  • Solana completed token minting in under 2 seconds across 64 threads;

  • Solana completed 204,800 token transfers and point claims in 3 minutes, 20 seconds;

  • Solana burned 75,520 tokens in 46 minutes;

  • All while running on Solana’s mainnet across 130 geographically-distributed validators.

If you’re a geek, you can run this demo for yourself on our mainnet. You can even parallelize it on as many machines as you want and run it on mainnet. But if you just want to see it in action, I put together this video to show the entire challenge start to finish and to share a bit more about Solana.

📺 Watch Solana complete the 5-day challenge in 5 minutes, 42 seconds.

Play the “Break” Game

I invite you to experience the raw speed of Solana for yourself. In addition to the demo, we also built an interactive demo called “Break” to illustrate Solana’s speed real time. It’s simple to play. Just smash keys on your keyboard. Each key sends a real transaction to the Solana mainnet. Every time a block changes color from black to green you know the transaction has been:

  1. Sent from the client to the server

  2. Forwarded from the server to the the block producer

  3. Added to a block and propagated to the network

  4. Voted on by everyone in the network

  5. Approved by 2/3+ of votes, which is detected by the server

  6. Sent back to the client, which gets the notification to turn the box green

Every blockchain claims to be fast, so it’s really hard to tell what’s real. A real-time game is the best demo we could come up with to prove to you how fast Solana really is. We’re also running a competition right now to encourage concurrent usage on the network.

Please make sure to post pictures of your broken keys/keyboards or high scores on r/solana. We’ll give out 1,000 SOLs to the 5 best pictures.

Hit me up! If you’re short on the SOL required to play, just reply in this thread with your Solana wallet address or with an imgur link to a screenshot with a QR code. Your first game is on us. (Not that it’s expensive to play anyways. See how long it takes you to burn 1 SOL on break).

🟩 Go play Smash your keyboard to submit transactions to mainnet

About the Network

It’s Live on Mainnet: Check out this dashboard built by one of our awesome validators for network stats. So far, the network has grown larger and faster than any other network we’re aware of:

It’s Cheap, and Fast as Hell: This network was built for speed by people who used to optimize embedded systems and operating systems for a living. Smart contract transactions are so fast and cheap that we use them for consensus votes!

It Only Gets Faster: We are obsessively focused on horizontally scaling every part of a layer-1 blockchain without sharding. We will never be in a situation where the demand for the network grows so much that we can’t scale to meet it. Validators can always add more cores, more memory, more SSDs, more network bandwidth, on-demand, when the users need it.

It’s Decentralized: The network has seen a 300% growth of its validators since launch: In March, we launched mainnet with an elite group of 40 validators. To date, we’ve increased that group to over 130 validators actively securing the network. An additional 250 validators on testnet will soon be onboarded to mainnet.

It’s Growing: Since launch, we’ve also announced partnerships with Kin (who are moving 3.5m users over from Stellar as we speak), Serum (a non-custodial CLOB derivatives exchange that recently made headlines), Arweave, Terra, Chainlink, Civic, Akash, Fortmatic, Dfuse, Hummingbot, and more.

💪 Learn more about Solana at

check out network stats at

Scaling Ethereum

As part of helping projects use Solana interoperably with Ethereum, a bunch of people that helped build Solana are also already building super cool wraps and warps to make native Ethereum assets lightning fast using Solana. Two recent examples of this are our friends at Terra and FTX.

Solana is a Layer-1 blockchain and not positioned as a native Ethereum scaling solution per se. However, I believe we’re headed for a fully connected, multi-chain world where assets can and should easily bridge from one chain to another. Ethereum’s ecosystem is one-of-a-kind—our mission for this project is to help scale its value to global communities like Reddit.

I invite you to join our community to learn more. If you have any questions please leave them in the thread below and I’ll do my best to answer them asap. I’ll be answering questions alongside other members of our team and the community.

🤘r/solana | Discord | Telegram

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