Simple Ways to Vamp Up Your BMW 5 Series


When we talk about luxury cars, one of the brands that usually come up is Bavarian Motor Works or BMW as it is more popularly known. It is probably one of the longest-running manufacturers of automobiles, motorcycles, and engines. It was founded in 1917, so that means it has a rich history spanning more than nine decades. That only goes to show the expert craftsmanship of each BMW unit; otherwise, it wouldn’t have lasted for a very long time.

Over the years, the Beemer (as motor enthusiasts have fondly called it) has seen drastic changes and improvements. A proof of this is the BMW 5 Series, which the company started producing in 1972. This model is now on its sixth generation of production, so it’s not surprising that the 5 Series is considered the second best-selling BMW model, raking in 50 per cent of the company’s profits.

If you were a proud owner of the BMW 5 Series, then surely, you would expect nothing short of an awesome driving experience. What’s more, you would move heaven and earth to make sure that it lives up to its standard of luxury. You would most definitely start looking for ways to spruce up your Beemer, simply because that is the way it is supposed to be.

There are many ways you can enhance your Beemer. You can change its tires, vamp up the magnesium wheels (simply called “mag wheels”), or change the upholstery of the seats. Some even remove the floor mats that come with the vehicle when it comes out of the plant and place special BMW 5 series floor mats on top of the carpet. These floor mats proudly display the acronym BMW for the entire world to see. Of course, these are functional, too. These are made in such a way that the carpet underneath is protected from water, slush, or snow.

Other ways to vamp up your BMW 5 Series is by doing some audio and electronic upgrades in the car. Cars always have pre-installed stereo from the plant. Nevertheless, you have the liberty to change it into something flashier, something that would just be perfect for the car. For instance, just a couple of years back, Apple and BMW have forged a new system that would allow people who are very much into Apple gadgets like the iPod to use it to play music in their Beemers. Yes, latest BMW models now have iPod adapters that may be used to play music as you motorists cruise along the road. Other than that, other audio and electronic systems may be added into the vehicle like subwoofers, mid-range coaxial speakers, CD changers, and more.

However, one thing you should always remember when sprucing up your BMW is you should always do it with a purpose other than merely showing off. Try to think of things you can add to your vehicle that are functional. The last thing you want is to go overboard and stuff everything in or on your Beemer. That would take the natural beauty of the car away from it. Therefore, make wise choices when you start shopping for stuff for your car.

Author: Maggie Jacobson is a staff writer for a leading company that dishes out timely articles related to the automobile industry.

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