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Supporting SLP tokens on Komodo AtomicDEX for Atomic Swaps : btc

BCH have been my favorite since my first crypto transaction. Also the community did really good job ending some controversial efforts before may upgrade. So why stop? SLP is one of BCH greatest features I believe it can help improve the situation for everyone not just BCH coin users.

One very important use case is using it on decentralized exchanges. In Decentralized exchanges there are no withdrawal fees or KYC’s but there are on chain fees and about %0.15 fees on takers only. There software are released under an open source license.

I’ve got this respond from one developer months ago but didn’t have time to post it here:

I have skimmed the link, the tokens are being created by using OP_RETURNs and somehow different utxos are assigned different types/quantities of tokens.
As they are btc-utxo based, they might be compatible. I am not sure how the token utxos interact with p2sh addresses. If you know a dev involved with SLP, send them this link in atomicDEX, this is implemented using HTLCs for utxo chains. Code for that is here: Right now AtomicDEX treats all utxos on a chain to be the same type and doesn’t distinguish b/w them for the purpose of trade. So, the first task is to make atomicDEX aware of differences b/w utxo on the BCH chain and then lock the token utxo in a p2sh address that follows the atomicswap protocol as described in the bitcointalk link. the redeemscript for the p2sh lock address on taker side will look something like

OP_IF 1587922042 OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY OP_DROP 02f804e5595b809514597b8d7bbe59b98e007a8c04ccad17041db0f769d168cd7a OP_CHECKSIG OP_ELSE OP_SIZE 32 OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_HASH160 4403d8efb440911aa83a3ad7df63b470af3db5fe OP_EQUALVERIFY 03ba67321f27a5470314fa39d767af3efdf242f2603a4404c3ccbada24640062e7 OP_CHECKSIG OP_ENDIF


So I hope someone from this great community can take it up form there.

some info about adding new coins:

Komodo telegram channel:[email protected]_Official

AtomicDEX for mobile:

AtomicDEX Desktop Alpha:

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