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Thank you to all of the donors of Mainnet project! Funded! πŸŽ‰ : btc

Awesome! I would like to thank everyone who participated!

Thank you, everyone!

It will take a bit of time to start setting everything up and I’ll update everyone on r/btc on when and where the development would start. It’ll take a few days to setup everything.

This is an amazing proof that voluntary donations work!

One additional thank you goes to Marc de Mesel, it was his idea to run this as a Flipstarter.

Marc has also donated additional 108 BCH (on top of 750 BCH collected) for promotion of this project via a private donation. Why private? Well, the funds collected (750 BCH) will be spent publicly, so I’ll have to specify who got what and for what exactly, but promotion will be done with a help of PR company, which asked for their activities and prices not to be public. If I spent 100+ BCH of publicly collected money for “various promotional activities” that would really seem like I took the money and would reek of corruption, that’s why I asked for this part to be donated privately.

Thank you to

27%developer.bitcoin.com200.15 BCH
8%darkbluebrilliance62.59 BCHNo to the IFP v4. No to the arrogant Amaury dictator as a single point of failure. Yes to honest cooperation.
7%majamalu55.31 BCHIf Satoshi was right, BMP is the long term solution.
7%Grapefruit Trading50.29 BCHSell BCH for $$$ with Grapefruit
7%Pablo50.01 BCHnunca pierdas la esperanza, sigue construyendo
5%molecular37.85 BCHfuckin’ awesome!
4%toorik30.34 BCHthis pledge is not an invitation for debate.
4%majamalu29.97 BCHdevelopers developers developers developers developers developers developers developers!!
4%Sea urchin27.82 BCHblop blop
3%zveda20.46 BCH
2%Henry Cashlitt11.36 BCHif (simpleDeveloperTools == awesome) increaseDonation();
1%Blockchain.Poker10.05 BCHBlockchain.Poker
1%for anyone but Amaury10.00 BCHQuand l’ennemi fait un faux mouvement, il faut se garder de l’interrompre
1%Georg Engelmann8.82 BCH
1%anon_not_anon5.13 BCHa crucial project at a crucial moment for bch
1%Graysoda5.01 BCH
0%Shadow Of Harbringer3.1337 BCHThis is leet
0%emergent_reasons2.12 BCHFeeling inspired for a second pledge by readcash’s passion, focus and understanding of what is needed. 2+,*2=4.
0%emergent_reasons2.02 BCHThis is deeply needed and I trust readcash team to work with the ecosystem to make it happen.
0%Anonymous2.00 BCH
0%zmach1n31.99 BCHI love BCH and want to make it easy to work with
0%shammah1.52 BCHthis is way better than stamp
0%FreeTrade ( BCHLibraries like this are really helpful in building Bitcoin Cash apps.
0%imaginary_username1.21 BCH
0%Anonymous Duck1.02 BCH
0%chainxor1.02 BCHFor a free and bright future!
0%BCH fan1.01 BCHNo IFP! >:(
0%BCH fan1.01 BCHSending what I can. Hope there’s a bull run. πŸ™‚
0%stk1.00 BCHmake Bitcoin Cash again
0%satoshiscrazyuncle1.00 BCH
0%Anonymous1.00 BCH
0%seventh.sense0.99 BCH
0%Matt M0.99 BCH
0%seventh.sense0.81 BCH
0%Anonymous magpie0.79 BCHchirp chirp chirp
0%seventh.sense0.70 BCH
0%Lopokoko0.63 BCHP2P Electronic Cash for the world!
0%ChaosElephant0.57 BCHProtocol devs should be subservient to the common goal of Bitcoin Cash: finishing the roadmap together.
0%ulfl0.51 BCH
0%JT Freeman0.50 BCHKeep up the good work!
0%SOFIACBCH0.48 BCHPor un mejor BitcoinCash para TODOS
0%havequick0.45 BCH
0%Lopokoko0.44 BCHLast Day!
0%Anonymous0.41 BCH
0%Rawlsdeep0.40 BCH
0%voluntary funding!0.32 BCHlet’s do this!
0%Anonymous0.23 BCH
0%jonathan#1000.23 BCHLets get this flipped before time runs out, k?
0%steeevemadden0.20 BCH
0%spice_trader#441480.20 BCHhelping the ecosystem build on bch easier-no brainer.
0%doramas0.20 BCHChapeau sir.
0%Bitcoin Out Loud0.16 BCHDev tools for worldwide, p2p electronic cash!
0%Anonymous0.10 BCH
0%Anonymous0.10 BCH

You are all amazing!

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