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Want to Give Crypto to Charity? Here’s How… – The Capital

A few good sites enabling users and hodlers to send or donate crypto safely…

Ade M. Campbell
Crypto Magic at Makersplace

The Coronavirus outbreak has left individuals with uncertainty but also with a desire to support efforts either by getting involved or remotely. Markets around the world have taken a hit, and there may be more turmoil to come, but crypto is a unique space that is expected to bounce back quickly when the virus storm passes.

For now, this means prices are cheap including more mainstream networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although not guaranteed, it’s a good bet these cryptos — if donated — could prove more valuable to the receiving donors later on in the year.

This, of course, doesn’t include charities and non-profits involved in the fight against Coronavirus needing help right now, but sending crypto is still possibly the easiest way to send funds (especially if you already hold crypto).

I’ve been looking at a couple of good sites that enable users and ‘hodlers’ to send or donate crypto safely, including a website that helps charities and non-profits to enable crypto donations easily for their site or project.

To send, scanning QR codes are obviously involved, but you should get a receipt and ensure the organisation is registered.

If you have your own website, you can simply add a QR code to your site, for an organisation you’re promoting (but it’s a good idea to include the verifiable source, such as one registered on the site mentioned below).

Note: There are also a number of donating ‘dapps’ integrated directly with crypto wallets, but that’s a subject for a separate post.

First, check out the ‘top 10 donation moments in crypto history’, which is certainly an interesting and inspiring read.

The website lists and promotes a wide array of non-profit organisations who accept direct crypto donations.

The site regularly promote a specific cause, and provides a list of related projects helping to cure or solve it.

They also invite donors to promote their donating activity on social media and in this way, recruit others.

The current effort is obviously #cryptoCOVID-19:

The above site is actually run by The Giving Block. There, you can find out more about the team, and also how to enable crypto donations for your own charity or cause. is a larger, well-known site and project for giving crypto, put together by Brian Armstrong, of the major fiat-crypto exchange Coinbase.

The plan is to see cryptocurrency donations be effective in their distribution to people in poor countries, in the process empowering them more with awareness of the technology.

Finally, if you know somebody or some organisation who may be interested in donating to charity with cryptocurrency, don’t hesitate to share this post or send them the link to this page, which might be of some guidance.

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