Green Car Of The year?



  • The green car of the year award was held at a colorful ceremony at Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
  • The 11 member panel that consists of environmental and automotive experts selected the Honda Accord as the 2014 green car of the year.
  • Other finalists included BMW 328d, Toyota corolla, Mazda3 and the Audi A6 TDI.
  • Below are some of the reasons as to why the Honda Accord emerged as the winner of the 2014 green car of the year.

Fantastic Features

  • Despite raising the bar in environmental performance, the Honda Accord did not sacrifice the driving experience and features expected for a new car.
  • The car is now available in different versions.
  • The different versions include the hybrid, plug-in hybrid as well as the fully gasoline powered version.
  • The plug-in model achieves 150MPGe while the hybrid version can achieve up to 50 highway mpg.
  • The Honda Accord also has an efficient internal combustion.
  • This makes it a compelling choice and keeps it ahead of the game.
  • The Honda accord features speak to significant environmental performance that is built into a mainstream that makes it a joy to drive.
  • The features found in the Honda Accord deliver both fuel efficiency at the highest level and also fun to drive enjoyment.

Availability To The Mass Market

  • The choice for the green car of the year takes into account not only environmental performance and efficiency but also the car’s availability to the mass market.
  • This is done so as to ensure that that the honored models have a chance or have the potential to make a real difference in environmental impact.
  • The Accord is currently billed by Honda as the model with the highest retail volume in the United States.
  • The starting price for the 2014 Honda Accord is21,995 dollars for the 4-cylinder variant.
  • The hybrid starts at29,155 dollars and the plug-in variant is 39,780 dollars.
  • The Honda Accord offers the best combination that consumers have been looking for thus providing a perfect opportunity for the Honda line to increase on its sales.
  • The models are very approachable and easily accessible.
  • Because of its efficiency, functionality safety and value, consumers have found the Accord to be a popular choice.
  • The judges at the Los Angeles Auto show were looking for the most efficient vehicle that which they believed will sell well.
  • Of the five finalists the Honda accord fitted the bill despite facing stiff competition from the other finalists.
  • An example is the Mazda3 sedan that features advanced fuel saving gasoline technology. In the high-performance segment, for instance, BMW’s n54 engine is known for its efficiency, but maintaining peak performance requires attention to all components, including the n54 injectors.
  • However, despite the stiff competition, the Honda Accord deservingly won the green car of the year award at the colorful ceremony in Los Angeles.

There you have it. Do you now want to know how it feels to ride the green car of the year? All you need is a driving licence application and once the license is out you can get yourself one of the models and get to know how it feels. Be the judge and decide whether it fits the bill for green car of the year 2014.

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